Welcome to HAZARD, a joint effort between GP3 and USSAR DATAMANCY.

(...otherwise known as the entire compsci class of 2017 and claire, respectively)

The objective of Hazard is global domination-- Each player controls and must conquer territories, draft new troops, and eliminate their fellow players.
The last player standing wins.


Creating a Session

  1. First, a host must go to the Hazard homepage and select CREATE GAME.
  2. The host then must input and select information about the room.
  3. When the room is created, the host should tell coplayers the session ID they typed in.

Starting a Game

  1. When a user-- including the host-- knows the ID, they should go to the Hazard homepage and select JOIN GAME.
  2. Users are prompted to give a username and session ID.
  3. You are also prompted to specify yourself as either a player or a spectator. Players are required to act to move the game forward, while spectators watch and can speak in the chat.
    (Please do not join under more than one username. If you are returned to the login screen upon initially joining, your username still was added to the game-- Just log in again.)
  4. A game must have 2-6 players in order to begin, which is accomplished by the host inputting the ADMIN PASSWORD they have set.
  5. After the game begins, players are assigned colors, which correspond to the order in which they take their turns.
    They are as follows:
    1. Red
    2. Yellow
    3. Green
    4. Cyan
    5. Blue
    6. Magenta


Phase One: Drafting

  1. The first cycle of turns consists entirely of drafting phases.
  2. Drafting is the first phase of every player's turn, which consists of placing troops into territories under the player's control.
  3. When it is your turn, click a button on one of your territories in order to place troops on that territory from a number of dormant troops you get at the beginning of your turn.
    (Make sure to allow popups-- The box to draft troops is a popup window.)
  4. The drafting phase cannot end until you have no dormant troops.

Phase Two: Attacking

  1. Attacking is the second phase of every player's turn, consisting of commanding troops from one territory to attack adjacent ones.
  2. A player selects a number of troops and a target territory. For each phase of combat, there are a maximum of two defending troops and three attacking. The victor is determined by simulated rolls of dice. Ties go to the defender.
  3. If a territory has all its defending troops eliminated, the attacking player gains control over that territory.

Phase Three: Deployment

  1. Deployment is the last phase of every player's turn, consisting of moving troops from one territory to an adjacent one under that player's control.
  2. A player selects a number of troops and a target territory under their control.
  3. Deployment can only be done once per turn.


  1. Cards are a mechanic of this game that allow the player to generate additional troops in their drafting phase.
    (The button is in the top left corner.)
  2. Cards are obtained by taking over a territory during one's turn. There is no bonus for taking multiple territories.
  3. A card may give one or two additional troops, indicated by how many stars are shown on it in the popup window.
(An additional mechanic: Press CTRL to return to the Hazard homepage!)